This is a series of posts reviewing the seven steps of The Success Habit Secret. Step 6 is about creating regular reminders to reinforcing your commitment and the importance of reaching your goal.

Step 6: Commit to reviewing your plan three times each day.

In Step 1 you described your goal in very specific detail, and in Step 2 you explored the strong positive feelings connected with your goal, Step 3 asked you to identify actions you will take to reach your goal, Step 4 asked when exactly you will take action, Step 5 was about building momentum with a 21 day start. Now, in Step 6, we talk about creating clear and regular reminders to keep the focus on your goal strong.

When you have a very important appointment my guess is that you’ll do whatever it takes to make that appointment happen. A few of those things might be to; add it to your calendar, set a reminder for the day before, prepare well in advance, and a plan to arrive early. All these things will keep the appointment in the forefront of your mind so that you don’t miss it.

This is the same strategy you must use when you want to reach a new goal or create a new habit for making positive change in your life. Do whatever it takes to review your goal-setting plan at least three times each day. Doing this will keep your mind clearly focused on the goal you want to reach or the changes you want to make.

A Few Tips to Keep Your Goals In-Sight, and In-Mind.

  • Make copies of your goal-setting plan and post them where you can see them. 
  • Add a reminder to your calendar for a daily and weekly review. 
  • Ask a family member or friend to ask about your progress.


“The 3 Rs of Habit Formation, Regular, Reminders, Reinforce – Edward Aldama


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I wish for you all the success you strive to achieve.
Edward Aldama, MBA
Goal Achievement Coach
Author, The Success Habit Secret 

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