The Shortest Distance Between You and Your Goals.

THE SUCCESS HABIT SECRET: A 21 Day Success Program
A Proven Program for Goal Achievement Success

Endorsed by Dr. Denis Waitley

Focus always precedes success. Specific goals become the automatic software programs shaping your future. This book creates a ‘success track’ you can run on to make winning your daily habit, for the rest of your life.” – Dr. Denis Waitley author The Psychology of Winning.

The secret is to know what you want, why you want it, and have a plan for taking action every day. In these seven simple steps you’ll learn how to focus on what’s most important to you, create a compelling vision to fuel your motivation, and how to develop the Action-Plan to achieve your goal.

What are the Seven Steps?

The seven simple steps have helped countless create winning action-plans for goal setting success. Now you can uses these same steps to create your action-plan and reach your goals.

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The 7 Steps

Seven Steps to Reach Your Goals

Seven simple goal-setting steps are explained in detail in my book

The Success Habit Secret

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This simple yet powerful seven step goal setting process will set you up for success and give you a winning plan to reach your goals.

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Edward Aldama
Goal Achievement Coach
Author, The Success Habit Secret
I wish for you all the success you strive to achieve.

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The Success Habit Secret