The IAC Coaching Masteries
Guiding principles in serving the client

1. Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust 
Ensure a safe space and supportive relationship for personal growth, discovery and transformation.

2. Perceiving, affirming and expanding the client’s potential 
Recognizes and help the client acknowledge and appreciate his or her strengths and potential.

3. Engaged listening 
Give full attention to the words, nuances, and the unspoken meaning of the client’s communication; the coach is more deeply aware of the client, his/her concerns and the source of the issue, by listening beyond what the client is able to articulate.

4. Processing in the present
efinition: Focus full attention on the client, processing information at the level of the mind, body, heart and/or spirit, as appropriate. The coach expands the client’s awareness of how to experience thoughts and issues on these various levels, when and as appropriate. The coach utilizes what is happening in the session itself (client’s behavior, patterns, emotions, and the relationship between coach and client, etc.) to assist the client toward greater self-awareness and positive, appropriate action.

5. Expressing
Definition: Attention and awareness to how the coach communicates commitment, direction, intent, and ideas – and the effectiveness of this communication.

6. Clarifying
Definition: Reduce/eliminate confusion or uncertainty; increase understanding and the confidence of the client.

7. Helping the client set and keep clear intentions
Helps the client become or remain focused and working towards intended goals.

8. Inviting possibility
Definition: Creating an environment that allows ideas, options and opportunities to emerge.

9. Helping the client create and use supportive systems and structures
Definition: Helping the client identify and build the relationships, tools, systems and structures he or she needs to advance and sustain progress.

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