This is a series of posts where we are reviewing the seven steps of The Success Habit Secret. Step 7 is about using the power of the spoken word to inspire and focus you towards reaching your goal.

Step 7: Read Your Answers to Steps 1 & 2 Out Loud.

In Step 1 you described your goal in very specific detail, and in Step 2 you explored the strong positive feelings connected with your goal, Step 3 asked you to identify actions you will take to reach your goal, Step 4 asked when exactly you will take action, Step 5 was about building momentum with a 21 day start, Step 6, instructed you to create clear and regular reminders. Step 7 shows you how to use the power of your spoken words to keep you motivated.

Isn’t it amazing how many expressions there are about the power of our wordsLook at these examples of how we value the spoken word

  • Her word, is her bond.
  • He is a powerful speaker.
  • A man is only as good as his word.

You can use that power by speaking aloud the intention of your desires. When you read your answers to steps 1 and 2 out loud you announce and proclaim to yourself the importance of your goal.

Have you ever listened to a song that stirred your emotionsOr have you ever been inspired by a speech that made you take actionSaying out loud what your goal is and why you want it stirs your emotions and strengthens your motivation to reach them.

“Words are tools which automatically carve concepts out of experience.” -Author: Julian Sorrell Huxley

So, there you have it. — A complete review of the 7 Step Goal Achievement Program outlined in my book,  The Success Habit Secret, taught in my Success Habit Workshops and shared in my Seven Simple Steps DVD Program. Use these steps to create your own unique action-plan and reach your goals.

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