This is a series of posts where we are reviewing the seven steps of The Success Habit Secret. Step 3 is about identifying the actions you will take to reach your goal.

Step 3: Identify in detail the repeatable actions necessary to reach the goal.

In Step 1 you described your goal in very specific detail, and in Step 2 you explored the strong positive feelings connected with reaching your goal. Now, it’s time to think about the actions you will take to move towards your goal.

Reaching a goal is always achieved through a series of activities linked together like the rungs of a ladder.

What are some of the actions you must take to move towards your goal? Don’t worry if you don’t know all of them right now. Just start with the ones that come to mind. You can, and will, revise your plan as you move forward and gain more understanding about your goal.

Now, when identifying activities. It is important to choose activities you are really willing to take on to reach your goal. Be sincere and realistic about the actions you choose. Be ready to take the action required to reach your goal. –It will take effort, and it will be work, so be sure you are truly willing to take the action necessary.

“Labor is the fabled magician’s wand, the philosophers stone, and the cap of good fortune.” – James Weldon Johnson

I wish for you all the success you strive to achieve.
Edward Aldama, MBA
Goal Achievement Coach
Author, The Success Habit Secret 

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