May 28, 2008

A good plan will lead the way.

Are you celebrating your progress as you work through your plan? If so, congratulations for taking steps to better health, a better job, that special relationship.

If you’re not following a plan because you struggle with writing one, then let me share some thoughts on how to easily start an action plan.

First, think about the what, who, and when of what you want to accomplish. Get out a piece of paper, ask yourself these questions and start writing.

What are some actions I can take to me move towards my goal?
What information will I need to learn to reach my goal?
Who do I know that might be able to help?
Who is doing or has done what I want to do?
When can I start my plan?
When will I take action, learn what to do, and talk to those who can help?

Answer these questions for a great start to your action plan. These questions will get you thinking about solutions and more will come.

“Plan your work, then work your plan.”
– Jay Virgil Mayhugh

I wish for you the realization of all the desires you strive to achieve.
Edward Aldama

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