Busy working on your goals?
Or, too busy to work on your goals?

We hear it all the time, right? Being busy has almost become a standard response to greetings.

“How are you?” “Oh, you know, I’ve been really busy lately.” Some people are even “super-busy.”SmileyQuestion

Does this sound like you? If so, I’ve got a question for you.

Are you busy working towards reaching your goals every day, or just busy? 

Do you review your goals every day in the morning and then review them again in the evening to measure your progress? If not, how do you know if you’re getting closer to your goals.

Okay, so that was three questions. 😉 But, the point of asking about your goals is because I believe the best way to reach them is to focus on and review them every day. But, how can you focus on them if you’re too busy to review them?

One way to stay focused on your goals is to find ways to make it easier to regularly review them each day. Some of the ways used by my clients are 3×5 cards, notes on the bathroom mirror, calendar reminders, vision boards and smartphone apps. It’s fun finding creative ways to keep your goals readily available for review. So, find what works for you.

Remember, Step 6 of the seven step goal achievement process from my book The Success Habit Secret is, “Commit to reviewing your plan at least three times EVERY DAY.

Of course, in order to review your goals every day, you must have a goal-plan to review. A goal-plan that is in writing and easy to get to for review. If you have a written goal-plan that you review daily, congratulations. 

Success Habit SecretFor those who don’t and would like help creating one, send me an email or give me a call. We can schedule a free introductory coaching session to get yours started, (602) 424-5758.

Or, if you are more of a do-it-yourselfer, pick up a copy of my book The Success Habit Secret and follow the seven steps to create your goal-plan.

The next time you’re too busy to review your goals, consider this. 

“Regular, Reminders, Reinforce!”

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