August 20, 2008

As you may remember, we are reviewing the seven steps of the Success Habit Secret. Step 2, is about understanding why you want to reach your goal.

Step 2. Describe why the goal is important

So, what happens if you don’t reach your goal? Or, more importantly, what will it feel like when you do reach it? Step to is your opportunity to dream…

Fully describe the significance of reaching your goal as you develop your goal plan. The bigger the reasons for achieving the goal; the better the odds are that you’ll stick to your plan.

For this step, the important thing is that you think about how you will feel when you reach the goal. You must be able to identify strong positive feelings about reaching your goal. This will allow you to generate the motivation to keep moving towards your goal. Every day you must feel that strong burning desire to reach your goal.

“The first principle of success is desire — knowing what you want. Desire is the planting of your seed.” – Author: Robert Collier

I wish for you the realization of all the desires you strive to achieve.
Edward Aldama

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