Avoid the dream stealers, find your dream supporters.

As many of you know, Denis Waitley has been a big influence on my goal setting strategies and writings. One of my favorite goal achievement principles from Denis is to keep our “dream” safe from those who would disapprove, limit or diminish the power of it.

A strong dream or “vision” of what you want to achieve will pull you towards success.

Mastermind groups are a Great place to find support and constructive evaluations of your goal setting plans as you work towards your dream. If you don’t have a mastermind group I highly recommend getting into one.

Let me share the opening paragraph of Denis’ article. Follow the link to read the rest.
Your Goal Achievement Coach
Edward Aldama

Beware the Dream Stealers by Denis Waitley
Although your own internal measurements are the most important, you will occasionally need to seek external feedback on your progress toward your goals. When you do, be sure it is from people who are truly interested in seeing you succeed. Don’t seek feedback from fair-weather friends, competitive peers, or any person who doesn’t have your best interests at heart. Neutral doesn’t count. Get feedback from someone who is on your side but will still be objective and honest with you. [Read more…]

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