A quick note to say, thanks!

As I reviewed the calendar today I realized that Thanksgiving Day is less than two weeks away. Wow!

Coach Edward Aldama

Coach Edward Aldama

Many say that this officially brings us into the holiday season. It also reminds us that we are quickly moving towards the end of the year. Which is always a good time to reflect on where we are, what we have accomplished and how grateful  we are for those who have helped us to succeed.

So with that…

To my readers who appreciate and share the steps of The Success Habit Secret and Aldama Life Coaching with family and friends, thank you!

To my colleagues and friends who provide me with opportunities to spread the Great news about how Success Habits create and sustain an amazing lifestyle of joy and abundance, thank you!

To my teachers and mentors who have shared the Greatest concepts of self-development and goal achievement, thank you.

Thank you, to everyone in my life who has touched me and been touched by my words. I am truly grateful for the privilege.

Edward Aldama, MBA Author, The Success Habit Secret
I wish for you all the success that you strive to achieve.

Success Habit: Begin Each Day with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Reminder About the Power of Being PositiveYoung girl celebrating with confetti

You know I’m a big fan of writing down exactly what your goal should look like with as much detail as possible. Doing this helps you to identify the positive emotion words associated with the goal for step two of the seven-step Success Habit Secret process.

I recently re-watch the movie The Secret and was inspired when I saw the speakers talking about the importance of positive feelings. They said that knowing what you want and writing it down is only the beginning of goal achievement. Positive feelings are really what creates the energy that drives success.

I couldn’t agree more. I always encourage my clients and workshop attendees to explore and experience as many positive emotion words they can about the goal they want to achieve.

In keeping with the season. I am grateful to the universe for this amazing resource. Consider watching the movie The Secret, if you haven’t already. And if you have, consider watching it again.  The Secret

You can create a Great action plan for reaching your goals filled with plenty of positive feeling words by following the seven simple steps in my book, The Success Habit Secret. And, for 1-on-1 coaching visit my website to schedule a session or call (602) 424-5758.

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