Well, four months of the year have past. Are you where you planned to be today?

Each month I try to write to a particular theme. Last month it was Managing Your Thoughts, in March it was Creating Your Life. This month, I want to delve into my opening question.
Are you where you planned to be today?

-Are you following your plan for 2008?
-Did you reached your quarterly goals in March?
-Are you on your way to completing your six months goals?

The reality of life is that everyone is exactly where they planned to be. If you are following a weekly action plan, then you are closer to your goals. If you are not following a plan, then you are exactly where you should expect to be.

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.” – Leonard Bernstein

I wish for you the realization of all the desires you strive to achieve.
Edward Aldama

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