Plan for Fun in the New Year.

The New Year is just around the corner and many of us are thinking about resolutions that will make life better next year. Well, one of my goals is to make sure that I have more fun in 2011.

> Do you remember the fun times that you had this year?
> Are you planning to have even more fun in the year to come?
> How can you make sure that 2011 will be successful and a lot of fun?

I know, planning for fun in the New Year may not sound like a typical New Year’s resolution discussion. But, I think working on personal growth should always involve a certain amount of joy.

Here are two good reasons for including fun into your New Year’s resolution planning.

First, when you create an Action-Plan with activities that are enjoyable it supports the motivation for sticking to your plan.

Second, when the activities are fun, you won’t focus on the effort it takes to reach your goal, instead you’ll get caught up in the fun of getting there.

In my Goal Setting workshops using the steps of The Success Habit Secret to create an Action-Plan, I always recommend looking for activities that are enjoyable.

What fun things will you use to reach your goals next year? Here are a few ideas…

• Find a fun new board game to play and increase family-time.
• Join a forum or association in your field to enhance your career.
• Take a bike ride through the park to get more exercise in your life.

Look for the fun, as you plan your success strategy for the New Year.
Edward Aldama, MBA
Certified Life/Business Coach

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