The Success Track
Well, we’re just about a week into the new year. Have you started moving closer to your goal?

> Is your plan written down?
> Are you reviewing it often?
> Do you adjust as necessary?

I decided that in this issue I would recap last issue’s Success Habit because it’s a perfect way to start the new year. Be Proactive. Anticipate Great things and you will make them happen.

One sure way to reach your goal is to have a concrete plan and the motivation to follow it consistently. When you write down your goal and review it often while working to achieve it, you demonstrate the meaning of being proactive as you anticipate something Great!

So, if you have a New Year’s resolution that you want to reach this year, be sure your plan is written down so that you can refer to it often with enthusiastic anticipation.

For a step-by-step guide on how to create that winning plan, consider following the 7 simple steps in The Success Habit Secret.

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