Remember, this month we are working on Step 3 of the Success Habit strategy found in my book The Success Habit Secret.

Did you create a list of activities that you can do to reach your goal?
Did you come up with some really creative ideas? Terrific!

Having a large list gives you a variety of activities to choose from while working towards your goal. Here are some examples that you may already have on your list for the lifestyle areas of health and relationships.

– Biking
– Hiking
– Swimming
– Dancing
– Golf
– Tennis

– A ramdom love note or greeting card for no particular reason
– Conversation date night; pick an unusual topic (Favorite news anchor and why?)
– Share a list of what you appreciate most about your partner.

Step 3: Identify repeatable actions necessary to reach the goal.
* Have a large list of activities for variety.
* Choose things that you really want to do.
* Make the activities enjoyable and/or interesting.
* Remember, you can always add more activities as you think of them.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan.” – Tom Landry

When you get a chance, send me your lsit. I’m always curious about what great ideas people come up with for activities.

I wish for you all the success that you strive to achieve.
Edward Aldama, MBA
Life Coach, author: The Success Habit Secret

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