Here’s more about the acronym FOCUS, to help keep you On-Track and moving forward. The letter, “C” refers being Creative when you set up reminders for your action steps.

Greetings all,
I know that this post normally comes on on Friday, but I really feel that using this acronym is something that will benefit you during the week. In fact, I’ve decided that Tuesday is a Great day to send out these tips and tricks. — Monday can be too hectic and by Friday we’re thinking about the week-end. Tell me if you agree.

So, what about the “C” in our FOCUS acronym?
It stands for Creativity. The more creative the reminder, the better the chance that it will help you to stay On-Track. Reminders are crucial when creating a new Success Habit. So have fun and come up with some really Creative reminders.

Here are a few ideas that others have used. Send me a reply and let me know what you come up with.
> • Use a Post-it Note; where you least expect it!
> • Write a note to yourself and put it in your lunch bag.
> • Have a friend call you to ask you about your goal

Remember to keep your goals in FOCUS…
F-requent reviews
O-utcomes recorded
C-reative reminders
U-nderstanding setbacks
S-avoring the little victories

I wish for you, all the success that you strive to achieve. Sincerly,
Edward Aldama, MBA
Life/Business Coach, author; The Success Habit Secret
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