Many of you who follow me on Facebook know that two of of my passions are remarkable relationships and the Happiness Decision. The Happiness Decision idea comes from my good friend Lionel Ketchian who founded the national Happiness Club and publishes a Happiness newsletter twice a month. This month it explores the benefits of Happiness training at work for improved work relationships. This is an awesome area of professional development that most businesses overlook, but several studies bear out the results. –A happy workplace is a productive and profitable workplace.

The April 6 newsletter spotlighted an article by Caryn Cridland who shared five great tips for turning around workplace relationships. For information on this topic follow this link. Workplace Relationships
Happy at Work
As it turns out, workplace happiness is an area that I work on with clients quite often. One technique we use is to focus on and improve their capacity for happiness. A happy outlook promotes a positive attitude, and that in turn promotes goal setting success. Give it a try.

For help improving your happy, positive outlook visit my website, or give me a call at (602) 424-5758 and ask for your free happiness evaluation session. We’ll pump up your happiness in no time.
(Also available for past clients.)

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