SmileyRightMastermind Meeting Notes: March 31, 2014
A new set of letters for today’s meeting.

Today’s Goal: A marketing message that gets results.

Member Andrew of Treelation Tree Trimming shared a simple strategy he found for an effective marketing message.*

Today’s Resource: The I.E.E.O. approach for creating an effective marketing message. *Check with Andrew for the source.

    Interrupt: Get the reader’s attention.
    Engage: Quickly tell them why they should read on.
    Educate: Tell them how you can help and how you’re different.
    Offer: Tell the reader how to take action –Now!
    (Remember, it’s I.E.E.O. not EIEIO.)

Is the goal of your marketing message to get results immediately?
Join the discussion. Share your tips and tricks. . .

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