We Create What We Think About.

Okay, time to continue sharing my Seven Step Goal Setting Strategy and how to use it for reaching your goals.

But first, a quick recap of the goals I’ve already covered.

— Step 1: You must be crystal clear about what you want.

— Step 2: Know why the goal is important to you.

— Step 3: Identify repeatable actions to reach your goal.

— Step 4: Commit to a set schedule for completing those actions.

— Step 5: Commit to your plan for at least 21 days.

So now, on to step 6: Review your goal plan at least 3 times every day.


There is an expression that I believe to be true.
“Out of sight, out of mind.” And I believe it also applies to our goals.

If we’re not thinking about our goals often, then chances are we’re not working towards them as often as we could.

So, during each of my Success Habit Workshops I encourage participants to review their goals at least three times every day and use this expression.

Keep your goals in your sight and you will keep them on your mind.

To see all seven steps in my goal achievement process today, get a copy of my book, The Success Habit Secret. For more immediate goal achievement results give me a call for 1-on-1 goal setting support: (602) 424-5758. Or visit my website. YourGreatestSelf.com

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