Is your relationship circle filled with supporters?

After leading a Great Relationship Workshop at a local women’s center, I realized how much the workshop discussion was about our circle of friends.

Some may refer to this as our “Circle of Influence.”

RelationshipCircle1Typically, when we use the expression Circle of Influence, we think about how we influence others.

What we don’t think about is how the people in our relationship circle influence us.

We place importance on how well we treat and support others in our circle. But, it is just as important to want others to treat us well and to support us.

Think about and answer these questions on relationships.

    – What do you want from a relationship?
    – What does that kind of relationship look like?
    – Where can you find others who want the same thing?

When you answered, did you include supportive?

If we support others within our relationship circle, I think it’s only fair they support us too.

–What do you think?

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