Life Balance Blend
Are you missing something?

When life gets hectic we sometimes find ourselves ignoring areas of our lives that we know are important.

Things like proper nutrition, rest and social interaction get pushed to the side as we rush through our week. Then we struggle to find the time to fit them back in.

The truth is, life does get busy and hectic sometimes. But, once you recognize that you’re feeling out of balance, try not to feel as though you must wait to find a large chunk of time to reestablish your balance. Take any small action to restore it as soon as you get the chance.

Here are a few ideas you might try:
> Close your eyes, breathe and picture a relaxing scene.
> Walk up the stairs once, instead of taking the elevator
> Make a short phone call to a friend or family member.

When life does slow down and you want to create a larger Action-Plan for your life balance, check out the example I share in chapter 10 of my book. You can get a copy here if you don’t have one; The Success Habit Secret.

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