The New Year is here.

Welcome to 2011. Wow! Can you believe that we are already a week into the New Year. For me it’s been a very busy and exciting week.

As you know many people use the begriming of the year to kick off life changes and begin working towards new goals. It is always exciting to see individuals make the decision to grow and improve.

Have you started working on your New Year’s resolutions? Here’s a short list of the most common resolutions that I hear from clients.

• Live a Healthier Lifestyle
• Find a Rewarding Career
• Develop a More Balanced Life
• Create Stronger, Happier Relationships
• Have More Fun! (OK, that’s mine.)

Whatever the goal or desire, I trust that you will have fun as you work towards reaching it, and please remember to reach out for support. It could be from your friends, family, colleagues or, your friendly online coach.

For help with your New Year goal planning feel free to use the the Action-Plan Builder on my website. Or, for a more complete Goal Setting strategy, follow the 7-simple steps in my book the The Success Habit Secret.

I wish for you all the desires that you strive to achieve. Happy New Year!
Edward Aldama, MBA
Certified Life/Business Coach, author; The Success Habit Secret

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