Welcome to August,

Let’s continue to work through this acronym, FOCUS. The second letter, “O” reminds us of the importance of tracking our Outcomes.

We experience outcomes every day as a result of the actions we take, or don’t take. Those outcomes influence the outcomes for the week, the month, the quarter, and, so on. But more importantly, they influence whether we are moving closer or farther away from our goals.

A great way to influence outcomes to our advantage is to take ownership of them and keep track; every day, every week, every month, and, so on.

• Do you track your outcomes?
• Are your outcomes moving you closer to your goals?

Learn to FOCUS…
F requent reviews
O utcomes recorded
C reative reminders
U nderstanding setbacks
S avoring the little victories

I wish for you all the success that you strive to achieve.Sincerely,
Edward Aldama, MBA
Life/Business Coach, author: The Success Habit Secret

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