January 2008

Greetings everyone,

Your Greatest Self News has changed to a monthly format. We know you’re busy and if you’re like most of us you get a lot of email. So, we decided to bring our message of encouragement and inspiration to you monthly.

We anticipate that you have taken up the challenge to make this year the best one ever, and that you will continue to make daily and weekly progress. For our part, we will continue to forward tips on setting and reaching your goals along with inspirational quotes each and every month.

So, keep going! Renew and recommit to your New Year’s resolutions.

Of course, we suggest that you use the 7 simple steps of The Success Habit Secret to guide your success.
1. Clearly identify the specifics of the goal you wish to achieve.
2. Describe why the goal is important to you.
3. Identify in detail the repeatable actions necessary to reach the goal.
4. Commit to a specific schedule to repeat the actions.
5. Commit to following the action plan and schedule for 21 days.
6. Commit to reviewing your plan at least three times EVERY Day.
7. Read the results of Steps 1 and 2 out loud with conviction as you review your plan.

Here’s to continued good health, good friends, and good fortune in the New Year.

Edward Aldama

Solidify Your New Year Resolution! – Create Your Action Plan. Follow this link for a Free goal planning guide:https://www.yourgreatestself.com/Goal_Plan.html

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