Time for a New Year’s Goal and/or Resolution Check

Hard to believe there is only a little over a week left in January. Are you still on-track with your New Year’s Resolutions or Goals? Here’s a few tips to stay on-track.

  • Write down your goal or resolution.
  • Find ways to make reaching your goal or resolution fun.
  • Review your goal or resolution every day to keep the motivation strong.

Remember, Step 6 of my 7 Step Goal Achievement Program is to review your Action-Plan at least 3 times every day. So here’s a friendly reminder. If you haven’t reviewed your goal or resolution in a while, now is a Great time to do so and stir up the fire in your motivation. Oh, and don’t forget to read your goal statement and why statement out loud. (Step 7)

Success Habit Secret



Don’t have a written Action-Plan? No problem, get your copy of my book, The Success Habit Secret and build yours today.

I wish for you all the success you strive to achieve.
Edward Aldama
Goal Achievement Coach

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