Goal-setting is easy, Goal Achievement takes the ‘right’ plan.


 Seven Simple Steps from the book,

The Success Habit Secret: A 21-Day Success Program

Step 1: Clearly identify the specifics of the goal you wish to achieve.

Step 2: Describe why the goal is important to you.

Step 3: Identify in detail the repeatable actions necessary to reach the goal.

Step 4: Commit to a specific schedule to repeat the actions.

Step 5: Commit to following the action plan and schedule for at least 21 days.

Step 6: Commit to reviewing your plan at least three times  EVERY Day.

Step 7: Read the results of Steps 1 and 2 out-loud with conviction as you review your plan.

The right Action-Plan will fire up your motivation so that you will follow through each day until you reach your goal. In fact, with theright Action-Plan you can’t help but reach your goal every time.

Success Habit Secret

A winning Action-Plan has key elements that make reaching your goal a simple matter of knowing what you want, understanding why you want it, and then taking consistent action steps until you reach your goal. The key elements are explained in detail in my book The Success Habit Secret: A 21-Day Success Program. In the book, the key elements necessary for a complete goal-setting Action-Plan are summarized into a simple 7 step goal-setting program.

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Provided by Edward Aldama – Aldama Life Coaching – Phoenix, AZ www.YourGreatestSelf.com