Happy New Year and 2014 Goal Setting!

  • Do your New Year’s Resolutions inspire you?
  • Will your goals help you be Your Greatest Self?
  • Or, are they tasks that seem like hard work and drudgery?
  • Too often New Years resolutions and goals setting plans fade within the first few weeks of the new year. But, you can keep them strong and stay on target with the right motivation.

    As my mentor Denis Waitley will tell you “Motivation is a contraction of motive and action. An inner force that compels behavior, it comes from within, not from any external circumstance.

    The motivation for reaching your goal must be a burning desire inside you. All of my coaching clients understand this concept; and I explain it in each of my Success Habits Workshops.

    Once you find the passion in your goal, it will drive your motivation and sustain your commitment.

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    Let me share a few New Year’s promotions to help you find your passion and reach your goals.
    The Success Habit Secret, a 21 Day Success Program.
    The Success Habit Secret Workbook, with easy-to-use templates.
    Seven Simple Steps DVD, like being at one of my Goal Setting Workshop.

    Success Habit Secret

    May you enjoy all the success that you strive to achieve.
    Edward Aldama
    Goal Achievement Coach
    Author, The Success Habit Secret

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