It’s goal achievement that’s hard…

In case you missed my last few posts, we are exploring goal setting strategies and the steps involved.

First, you must be crystal clear about what you want.

Second, you must know why the goal is important to you. Is it truly a desire?

The next step, is to identify the repeatable actions or activities you must do to reach your goal. The way I ask this question in my goal setting workshop is, “What are you willing to do to reach your goal.”
It’s easy to say “I’m going to eat less” or “I’m going to workout everyday,” but when the time comes are you really willing to follow through?

One trick, is to find new actions or activities that you will look forward to doing. So, if you’re not a gym and treadmill person like me, maybe you can take up tennis classes instead.

Whatever your new activities will be, just be sure that you are willing to do them.

Because, goal achievement can be hard work…

If you are curious about all seven steps in my goal achievement process, check out my book, The Success Habit Secret. Or, for a little 1-on-1 coaching support give me a call: (602) 424-5758.

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