Goal Setting is Easy, Goal Achievement is a bit harder.

Goal Setting techniques always seem to start the same way–Step 1: Describe what you want.

But remember, it is important to be specific.

Many of my clients struggle with Step 1. Usually because they don’t take the time to think about exactly what they want, and they don’t understand the importance of being specific.

One technique to help clients work through Step 1 is to have them write a paragraph or two describing the specifics of the goal they want to reach. Next, I ask them to set it aside for a few hours, then go through it again to add more detail.

Success Habit SecretTaking time to think through the goal allows us to see it more clearly. This clarity helps us to feel the excitement and enthusiasm necessary to move consistently towards the goal. (Step 2)

  • What are the details of your goal?
  • How specific is your description?
  • Does it create excitement and enthusiasm?
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