Is regular gratitude a goal?

America’s Thanksgiving Day holiday is quickly approaching, so I thought I would share some news on the benefits of being grateful.

Acknowledging what you’re grateful for improves your outlook on life. In an article by Lauren Aaronson on, there are some Great benefits to practicing an attitude of gratitude.

    “The Snowball Effect
    Gratitude is a sentiment we’d all do well to cultivate, according to positive psychologists, mental health clinicians and researchers who seek to help everyone create more joy in life.”

    “Your Happiness List
    Gratitude needn’t be directed at another person to hit its mark. Take just a few minutes each day to jot down things that make you thankful, from the generosity of friends to the food on your table or the right to vote.”

    Read more here: Make a Gratitude Adjustment

Do you agree?
Do you make time each day to acknowledge what you’re grateful for?
Maybe we should celebrate Thanksgiving every day…

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