Work-Life Balance is a common struggle for just about everyone. Finding time for work, family, social obligations, health and recreation can be overwhelming, and unless you have a plan, some area will get neglected.

What tools or strategies do you use to fit it all in? Calendars, to-do lists, Post-it Notes?
Life Balance
When you feel some area of your life is getting less attention than you would like. Take a break and do a quick review.

First, cut yourself some slack! It’s normal for certain activities to take priority from time to time. Like when a big project is due at the office. The trick is not to let the priorities stay that way.

Make a list of the most important areas in your life and then decide if you’re neglecting any of them. If so, make a plan to get back in balance when you can. Maybe after that big project is finished.

Applying the 7 steps of The Success Habit Secret is a Great way to create a plan for work-life balance.

And for hands-on help creating your plan, come to my next Life Balance workshop Wednesday April 24 at 9 AM in Phoenix, AZ.

During the workshop you’ll learn the strategy for true Life Balance.

  • The Truth About Time Management
  • Time for Family, Career, Health, and Fun!
  • Create Your Action-Plan for Sustainable Balance

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