Happy (day after) Valentines

Do you feel more loved? I trust your Valentine’s Day was a huge success, filled with special moments, joy and tenderness. As with all the holidays that remind us to be mindful of those in our lives, my wish is that the feelings of love linger throughout the entire year. Be grateful, be happy!

January 22, 2015: Do you know where your goals are?

Keep those New Year resolutions on-track! Well, I’ve seen plenty of posting and articles that say, by now you have missed, forgotten, or failed at your New Year resolution. I trust that is not true. My belief is that you; Have your goals written down. Review your goals every single day. Celebrate the successes along the […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Here in America, we are celebrating a Day of Thanks. I wish all the best for those of you who are enjoying this holiday. I’m very grateful to live in a country where we set aside a whole day to practice and share, an attitude of gratitude. May you look for and find a reason […]

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Get Fired Up and Reach Your Goals?

What’s Your Power Movie, Song, Quote? I often ask coaching clients to find a song, quote or movie that stirs their emotions in a positive way. I believe that emotions drive and support our motivations. So, I tell clients to find their power song, quote or movie and keep it handy. That way, when they […]

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