Is your relationship circle like a big red balloon, or a ping-pong ball?

A week after facilitating a Great Relationship Workshop at a local women’s center in Phoenix, I was going through some notes and feedback and realized how much of our discussion was about our circle of friends.

Feeling AloneIn thinking about my clients, it occurred to me that some felt isolated and thought they “should” have more friends.

While others felt overwhelmed by all their friends and had trouble keeping in touch like they “should.”

Of course if you know me, you know I’m not a big fan of that word, should.

Normally, I would share the definition of the word here, but I found the Origin to be more helpful.

The Origin of SHOULD -Merriam-Webster Online
Middle English sholde, from Old English sceolde owed, was obliged to, ought to

I don’t believe we “should” have a certain number of friends in our relationship circle, or that we “should” feel obligated to the relationship.

One technique that I use to relieve the feelings of should is to ask questions like these.

    – What do you want from a relationship?
    – What does that kind of relationship look like?
    – Where can you find others who want the same things?

Once you start to answer these questions, your life will begin to move in a direction that will draw those relationships to you. And in my experience, the number of friends becomes irrelevant.

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