Summer is winding down. Although, I’m sure for many it may not feel like it. Here in Phoenix Arizona monsoons and humidity mark the ending weeks. Soon the huge clouds and thunderstorms will give way to cooler weather and beautiful crisp nights filled with stars.

The changing of seasons can also be a reminder to check the status of our quarterly goals. It might have been an important summer vacation that took weeks of planning, or a household project in preparation of the coming fall. For some like myself, it’s a time to evaluate progress on our 3rd quarter goals. Am I hitting my 3rd quarter targets or exceeding them? What can I do to finish out the quarter in a big way?CalendarDate

In reality, questions like these are valuable for more than just quarterly reviews. We all know that days, roll up into weeks, weeks roll into months, months roll into quarters and quarters become our annual results. The nice thing about summer is that we still have a lot of weeks left to reach monthly and quarterly goals that will make this year better than the last. 

So,now. How are your weekly, monthly, quarterly goals coming? Are they leading to a better you and stronger year than last? Are you asking questions like these consistently?  If not, don’t sweat it. Today is a Great day to start.

“Success is steady progress toward one’s personal goals.”
– Jim Rohn  (  

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