Wow! Hard to believe we’re almost to the end of February 2014. In January, we talked about New Year’s Resolutions and Goals.

  • Have you already reached your 2014 goals?
  • Did you find a way to make your new goals fun?
  • Are you still on-track for reaching your New Year’s goals?

As many of you know, Step 3 of my 7 Step Goal Achievement Process is to review your Action-Plan at least 3 times every day. So if you haven’t done yours today; now is a Great time to do your goal setting review. And while you’re at it; read your goal statement and why statement out loud.

Success Habit Secret
Don’t have a written Action-Plan? No problem, get your copy of my book, The Success Habit Secret and create yours today.

I wish for you all the success you strive to achieve.
Edward Aldama
Goal Achievement Coach

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