Are You Positive You Will Reach Your Goal?

Positive Expectations will brings you closer to your goal.

I was participating in a LinkedIn forum recently on the topic of Positivity. During the course of the discussion, it occurred to me that having a positive outlook on things is also a valuable tool in goal setting and goal achievement too. SuccessMountain

This is expressed well in Dr. Deins Waitley’s Psychology of Winning program, where he explains how expecting to succeed can create a competitive edge. He notes that winners always expect to win.

And, expecting to reach your goal will stack the odds in favor of you reaching it.

What about you?
–Are you positive? –Do you expect to reach your goal?

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Happy Thanksgiving!


Here in America, we are celebrating a Day of Thanks. I wish all the best for those of you who are enjoying this holiday. I’m very grateful to live in a country where we set aside a whole day to practice and share, an attitude of gratitude.

May you look for and find a reason to be grateful everyday!

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Goal Check: Gratitude

Is regular gratitude a goal?

America’s Thanksgiving Day holiday is quickly approaching, so I thought I would share some news on the benefits of being grateful.

Acknowledging what you’re grateful for improves your outlook on life. In an article by Lauren Aaronson on, there are some Great benefits to practicing an attitude of gratitude.

    “The Snowball Effect
    Gratitude is a sentiment we’d all do well to cultivate, according to positive psychologists, mental health clinicians and researchers who seek to help everyone create more joy in life.”

    “Your Happiness List
    Gratitude needn’t be directed at another person to hit its mark. Take just a few minutes each day to jot down things that make you thankful, from the generosity of friends to the food on your table or the right to vote.”

    Read more here: Make a Gratitude Adjustment

Do you agree?
Do you make time each day to acknowledge what you’re grateful for?
Maybe we should celebrate Thanksgiving every day…

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How do you see the obstacles to your goal?

Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them.

Several weeks back we discussed the idea of how words affect our outlook. I shared a list of words and phrases that can be used to focus thinking in a positive direction. A positive view can be helpful versus a limiting view when working towards a goal. Think Goal

Instead of saying this is a problem, we could say something like this is an opportunity to learn something new.
Instead of saying I’m a poor speaker, we could say something like I’m getting better at speaking each time I do it.

So, what about you? Do you let the thing bother you, or do you find a more empowering way to view it? What are the empowering phrases that you use?

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Do You See Them? –Goals!

See Your Goals, as if You Have Already Achieved Them.

I think Monday morning is the best time to think about Friday afternoon. Not because it means the start of the weekend, but because it means we can feel the excitement of reaching our goals or the satisfaction of being that much closer to them.

As one of my favorite authors says; Your Goals
“The secret to productive goal setting is in establishing clearly defined goals, writing them down and then focusing on them several times a day with words, pictures and emotions as if we’ve already achieved them.”
– Denis Waitley.

So… Do you see them?

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Mid-Week Goal Check

  • How are your weekly goals going?

  • Are you half way there, or maybe more?

Goal SuccessOften times, we get so busy and involved in the day-to-day of life, that we forget to review our goals and our progress.

For those familiar with my 7 Step Goal Achievement Process, you know how important and valuable it is to review our goals often, and celebrate the successes.

Step 6: Review your goal setting action-plan at least 3-times every day.

The Success Habit Secret Formula: 7x3x21 = Success
Seven steps, reviewed three times a day for twenty one days.

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How Do You Track Your Goals?

There’s a well shared expression that goes something like this;
If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

Target DateI’m a big believer in this concept because it reminds me of another expression, you can’t hit what you can’t see. If you want to hit the bulls eye of a target, you have to know where the target is. If you want to reach your goal, you have to know where it is and how to get to it.

So, you can understand why I share these sayings with my clients each time we meet.

What’s your target and how will you know when you hit it?

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Get Fired Up and Reach Your Goals?

What’s Your Power Movie, Song, Quote?

I often ask coaching clients to find a song, quote or movie that stirs their emotions in a positive way.

I believe that emotions drive and support our motivations. So, I tell clients to find their power song, quote or movie and keep it handy.

That way, when they are feeling a little low or challenged, they can listen to the song, read the quote, or watch the movie that gets them fired up and back on a positive track.

My wife thinks it’s is odd, but my power movie is Gladiator starring Russell Crowe.

Now, I’m curious–what’s yours?

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What’s the Goal for Friday?

Woo-hoo! I’m off to Monday Morning Mastermind!
Time to get this week started on the right track.

What about you?Your Goal

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What is your goal, exactly?

Goal Setting is Easy, Goal Achievement is a bit harder.

Goal Setting techniques always seem to start the same way–Step 1: Describe what you want.

But remember, it is important to be specific.

Many of my clients struggle with Step 1. Usually because they don’t take the time to think about exactly what they want, and they don’t understand the importance of being specific.

One technique to help clients work through Step 1 is to have them write a paragraph or two describing the specifics of the goal they want to reach. Next, I ask them to set it aside for a few hours, then go through it again to add more detail.

Success Habit SecretTaking time to think through the goal allows us to see it more clearly. This clarity helps us to feel the excitement and enthusiasm necessary to move consistently towards the goal. (Step 2)

  • What are the details of your goal?
  • How specific is your description?
  • Does it create excitement and enthusiasm?
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